Thursday, July 16, 2009

does this writing make my posterity look big?

You can see from this how linear creation is just an invitation to a posterior view. How can one approach a journal except from behind. I mean, I guess, I would have expected the format to leave the older posts, the first, at the top. Instead if you wish to 'follow' you must go to the bottom. OK. I pun. The term posterity has long been a source of amusement for me. It doesn't cost anything.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thar she Blogs

Hmm. a new experience for the novice blogger. The good news is Jane replied re: the name of the store I couldn't remember. I wanted to include it as text (Anthropologie ;););););)) in hopes that the roving computer brain would take it as a hint when selecting ads for my page. The bad news is I'm not awake. I put it in as a link in my blogs-to-follow section. Then I thought ... Oh that's probably against the rules. When I removed it I removed the section. shoot.

Other good news, I noticed that Anthony Bourdain is one of the ads this morning. I think that's perfect. It's probably based on the presence of Russell Brand the notorious ex-heroin and sex addict or the mention of Craig Ferguson. Anthony Bourdain's persona suggests that he may have lovingly brushed upon some of these errors himself. But I still enjoy his show when he doesn't talk too much about inebriation and its after effects. You get the sense that the primary value of the work for him is his own pleasure and the satisfaction of his own curiosity. Any other value that may accrue is entirely someone else's job. That makes sense to me.

But even in the muck and scum of things there always always something sings.

rough quotation of Emerson

Have a good day!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why are there ads for tatoos on my page?

Good News! I've been approved by adsense. Ads will appear on my page now. It will be necessary, however, to spend some time with the how to section of adsense.

I wonder whether if I just list all the places or types of products I'd like to screen/windowshop the mind of Google will pick up on it and attach like ads?

Barnes and Noble, Borders, Heirloom Seeds, H & M, Gap, Amazon, Garnet Hill, New York Times, Old Navy, Museum Store (any) MoMa, .... Jane, where did you get that bedspread you hung on the wall?


Saturday, July 11, 2009

au jourd' phooey

This is going to be fun, I think.

There are about four people who will probably read if I can induce myself to write. Just what everybody loves, a shy author. Duchamp said we only really need one or two people who get it in order for the function of audience to be fulfilled. That's not how he said it precisely.

When I was following the web log of (former blogger, Lisa Halpert, no longer at that address) back around 2001 I felt what she describes in the New York Times article linked under salt seller; the stream of consciousness getting legs and branches that text has trouble accommodating. Probably Finnegans Wake manages but I wouldn't know. I think she was a computer programmer or whatever we call that science today. The whole problem of being hyper-associative was familiar to me and had become sort of a pet problem. After years of difficulty communicating, the difficulty itself became interesting. I look forward to unburdening myself of some persistent associations.