Saturday, October 24, 2009

video of Malcolm Gladwell who wrote Blink talking about how the idea of diversity in marketing impacts everything else

this guy can really talk.

Dr. Chopra calling (The Superstition of Materialism)

I wonder whether a person can have Asbergers syndrome with the obsessive component settling on God and Man type questions. Asbergers was totally new to me a couple of years ago when I met a nine year old boy who, among other things, had a disabling perfectionism. Asbergers is a sliver of the Autism spectrum. A common symbol for Autism is puzzle pieces. Kids with Asbergers tend to have a lot of information in their heads and usually have a favorite topic to gather information about. I've met several more kids with Asbergers working as a Substitute teacher and it's just fascinating how this relentless and unforgiving mindset shows itself in unrelated individuals.

I'm asking the question because the drive to put together information in a way that's satisfying TO ME is very familiar. I have approximately 30 journals in which I attempted for years to keep track of my own experience and investigations into ummmm the nature of reality and my place in it. Sometimes it felt like a huge effort to reform the world and other times I was just bombarded with significance. Being bombarded with significance was a big theme.

At any rate, in my puzzle box/mind there are now many many pieces which have been weighed, bitten, tossed, dropped, exposed to extremes of heat and cold, covered with lint and found to be acceptable as information. One important one is that Christ's mission in incarnating was to interrupt our descent into matter and materialism. That is the way Rudolf Steiner expressed it but I find it's a view not limited to his work. Often we equate materialism and greed. That's the not whole picture. Personally, I believe relief from materialism has more to do with giving the time of day to the part of our minds that is able to recognize what has never been encountered before.

I give you, Deepak Chopra being hysterically avuncular and doctorly. When I watched this I felt that mentally he was clicking his pen in the pocket of his lab jacket.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The next image I clicked on is this link:

The photos of Vintage Barbies and Vintage makeup make me hear Henry Mancini music and/or Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. The text contains suggested visual image of a young boy making repeated passes through the Barbie aisle at the drugstore because to linger would be a disaster. I'm glad that guy took the time to create the collection he desired but wasn't permitted as a child to own. Good for him! Not to diminish his injury, but my next door neighbor's dog mauled my Skipper. The moment when I discovered her (she'd been missing and missed) next to the aluminum chain link fence lying in the grass and covered with bite marks was what Anthroposophists might call an incarnating moment for me. The world seemed very harsh and I felt wronged by the Timmins' dog whom I had previously considered a friend. (Only child)

Barbie is to Midge as Scooter is to Skipper!

Midge has responded!!!!!! Actually, Fran responded but I'm sure Midge would have if they had time.

So, it was Scooter. The reason I couldn't remember was that it's almost the same freakin' name. Doesn't that close similarity seem insidiously to invite comparison. Sooooo similar but not quite. Looking for an image of Scooter I found this. It wasn't really pertinent but I wondered if it might somehow be 'our Midge' so I clicked. Definitely not 'our Midge'. However, if you scroll down through the images of theatrical artists, mostly performing their own work, you may notice an interesting coincidence; Midge is immediately followed by Scooter. Well anyway, a coincidence.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


somehow this conveys Chris Rock channeled through Ann Margaret's character in Bye Bye Birdie. wry and girlish.

When I heard the band name I immediately remembered Barbie's like-not-so-bombshell cousin or hanger-on. Midge was to Barbie as ________ was to Skipper. still thinking. (maybe Midge will tell me!!!!!!!) As a little girl you might think to yourself how fabulous it would be to grow up as a Barbie but then acknowledge quietly that Midge was more realistic. Even in plastic, Midge was never going to be a cheerleader. Midge might look a little odd in the emerald green silk dress with the gold lame clutch. I can so picture this. I really really loved the gold lame clutch with the wee gold button clasp. I'm well into memory lane where I had a plastic vanity (from Toys R Us) turned into a Southern Mansion; the legs of the vanity became the columns of the mansion. Maybe Midge just needed a new hairdo.

I can't think of a description for the music but then Fran really has that covered so never mind. I like it!!!!!!!