Friday, October 16, 2009

Barbie is to Midge as Scooter is to Skipper!

Midge has responded!!!!!! Actually, Fran responded but I'm sure Midge would have if they had time.

So, it was Scooter. The reason I couldn't remember was that it's almost the same freakin' name. Doesn't that close similarity seem insidiously to invite comparison. Sooooo similar but not quite. Looking for an image of Scooter I found this. It wasn't really pertinent but I wondered if it might somehow be 'our Midge' so I clicked. Definitely not 'our Midge'. However, if you scroll down through the images of theatrical artists, mostly performing their own work, you may notice an interesting coincidence; Midge is immediately followed by Scooter. Well anyway, a coincidence.

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