Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pussy Riot will be released - Mazel Tov

I was just listening to Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me while catching up on my dish washing.   Wait Wait Don't Tell Me reviews the weeks news in a very amusing manner.  This is the first I've heard of V.  Putin's decision to release Pussy Riot.  That development may explain the incredible jump in hits for this blog.  The number climbed to 1125 for last month.

Huffingtonpost coverage of the positive outcome for Pussy Riot

Best Wishes to the artists and their families.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vatican Survey

This is a great example of why I still love the Catholic Church so much despite events of wide fame involving corporal punishment and corporal indulgence. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

why annonyme?


When I started this blog I'd just come out of a very difficult patch and was wanting to reconnect with guidance from times when the road seemed to rise up to meet me rather than hit me upside the head.
In my life there's been a strong current of guidance without complete understanding (hence guidance rather than straight information).  The knowledge or experience of recognition comes first.  Then I hold the idea for years and years while the meaning develops.  Rilke said something about 'loving the question' and that mood is where I live.  'annonyme' is a misspelling of the French word for anonymous, anonyme.  anno is Italian for year as in "A.D." the year of our lord.  Anon itself has something to do with time in french it seems to mean immediately and in old English it seems to mean later (maybe it was used by royalty to mean "...when I darn well feel like it."  When someone says I'll be there presently you kind of get the sense that it might not really be now because they are not  presently with you.)  Anyway, all of that is in the appeal the misspelling has for me.  It also sort of means year name... a promised time whose significance and impact are blurred as yet.

And of course,  I love Duchamp and the Societe Anonyme was a part of his panoramic contribution.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Something weird happened last month....

I've been working my day job and several other jobs for basic ends meeting purposes. Had some down time due to illness and lost a friend to domestic violence. Sharing ideas has been something I couldn't lift my gaze towards.  For some reason though, this blog had over 900 hits last month.  Perhaps it's just artificial intelligence reading itself via automatic trolling programs.  I've been averaging between 3 and 4 hundred/month for a good long time.  Wish somebody would leave a comment.... 

such as:

 'I got here looking for porn not spirituality but hey it's cute.' 

or "This would be better with music."

 or "I read that book."

I think about writing all the time.  At some point enjoyment will outweigh weariness and I will write despite the fact that my axle is dragging and my settings are stuck on stagger.

p.s. I love Pope Francis.