Friday, December 6, 2013

Something weird happened last month....

I've been working my day job and several other jobs for basic ends meeting purposes. Had some down time due to illness and lost a friend to domestic violence. Sharing ideas has been something I couldn't lift my gaze towards.  For some reason though, this blog had over 900 hits last month.  Perhaps it's just artificial intelligence reading itself via automatic trolling programs.  I've been averaging between 3 and 4 hundred/month for a good long time.  Wish somebody would leave a comment.... 

such as:

 'I got here looking for porn not spirituality but hey it's cute.' 

or "This would be better with music."

 or "I read that book."

I think about writing all the time.  At some point enjoyment will outweigh weariness and I will write despite the fact that my axle is dragging and my settings are stuck on stagger.

p.s. I love Pope Francis.

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