Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thar she Blogs

Hmm. a new experience for the novice blogger. The good news is Jane replied re: the name of the store I couldn't remember. I wanted to include it as text (Anthropologie ;););););)) in hopes that the roving computer brain would take it as a hint when selecting ads for my page. The bad news is I'm not awake. I put it in as a link in my blogs-to-follow section. Then I thought ... Oh that's probably against the rules. When I removed it I removed the section. shoot.

Other good news, I noticed that Anthony Bourdain is one of the ads this morning. I think that's perfect. It's probably based on the presence of Russell Brand the notorious ex-heroin and sex addict or the mention of Craig Ferguson. Anthony Bourdain's persona suggests that he may have lovingly brushed upon some of these errors himself. But I still enjoy his show when he doesn't talk too much about inebriation and its after effects. You get the sense that the primary value of the work for him is his own pleasure and the satisfaction of his own curiosity. Any other value that may accrue is entirely someone else's job. That makes sense to me.

But even in the muck and scum of things there always always something sings.

rough quotation of Emerson

Have a good day!


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