Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You don't have to ask for it. He knows what you want.

you don't have to ask for it. he knows what you want.

that could stand as a definition of the Holy Spirit. My daughter and I watched The Santa Clause recently. It was interesting to me that the two intellectual (as in overthink and analyze for lack of basic sense of self type intellectual) mom and step dad both stopped believing in Santa Claus when they didn't receive a specific gift that they particularly wanted. (She wanted the Dream Date game and he wanted an Oscar Meyer whistle.)

That immediately reminded me of the line from The Hound of Heaven ... 'all that in thy child's mistake thou hadst fancied as lost I have but stored for thee in Heaven. Come. Clasp my hand and rise.' The universal personal.

I love Youtube for making stuff like this available. I have nutured my Catherine Deneuve imitation over the years and find that I pretty well nailed it. Recently I went looking for a Dick Van Dyke episode wherein, I believe, Anais Nin was lampooned. A dark haired lady writer wanders about a party saying I love to love to love to love to love.... etc.

Next week I will look up the Coyote giving a presentation with overhead projection of the Roadrunner's attributes shown in the manner of a side of beef. This section tastes like tutti frutti...

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