Friday, July 29, 2011

The Individual at Infinity

This picture of the Holy Child was on my wall at some point in my childhood when I was still young enough to nap.  One of my early memories is of pondering this from my bed.  I suppose I read it but maybe I was told what the words said.  What went through my mind was: "Oh that's nice.  But... this is not the only one of these.  (suspicious scowl as it dawned on me that this was mass produced although I didn't know the word). He's saying this to other children too... Oh that's nice."  In fact,  I credit this picture with introducing me to the concept of Christ in relation to the individual at infinity.  I've almost gotten rid of the picture a couple of times because I wondered whether the image was really wholesome.  Ultimately I decided that the experience it marks was worth remembering and the sentiment is definitely wholesome.

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