Thursday, April 18, 2013

In the process of getting pod snack back I had to recreate my playlist.  It did take me at least a week to complete.  I left my computer on for a week with the pod snack pages open till I figured out what was holding me back.   That was three or so tabs sitting open on my computer for a week in my kitchen while I made coffee, did the dishes, went to work and did whatever I could for my 15 year old daughter (some limitations must be acknowledged).   It occurred to me that keeping tabs open all day on the WWW is a little like leaving your door wide open in the city.  (Whatever that means).

After all the noodling and re-noodling I had to do, I ended up with Joni Mitchell's God Must Be a Boogie Man on the list when it wasn't there in my first playlist. I do love this song, which is playing on a loop right now.  I think she actually did rewrite the bible for Mingus in this one song.  I remember reading about her rebuff of Mingus' initial invitation to write words for his compositions.  I think it was probably People Magazine circa 1980 something.  He noticed her after Don Juan's Reckless Daughter, the cover of which showed her in black face having an awfully good time. Or it could be the liner notes to the album...?  At any rate, her initial response was  "No, thank you, I'd rather rewrite the Bible."   Eventually he persuaded her and she made the album Mingus simultaneous with his treatment for cancer.  I think she did rewrite the Bible for him. This song is a condensation of all the themes which can't help but intersect when one looks from Art to Religion and back again.   I love Art and Religion as one.

(Pod Snack was very helpful once I found the time to focus on my wee blog.  It all had to do with limiting the number of songs and the lengths of the songs and then allowing a pop up, etc. etc., part of my point here was to give them credit for still having a free option and for supporting it with patient humans.)

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