Saturday, May 25, 2013

my pinterest page - a little self-revelation

So since

  • I really haven't succeeded in writing with any regularity (not that I'm giving up) 
  • and since the point of the title of the blog isn't to hide identity but rather to broaden it
  • and since I just gave advise to my friend Ann, who kindly linked her art page to this endeavor, to tell a little about herself as part of her professional identity as a way of acknowledging that we are all looking for a little divertisement with our advertisement
 I'm sharing a link for my own Pinterest Page.  I love Pinterest.  I can sit and look at my own Pins and feel a sort of uplift.  These are things my predilection has revealed to me.  I feel reconnected to my predilection itself which is sort the mystery behind all my activities and interests.

I don't feel spiritual as in ascetic or characterized by renunciation.  I feel spiritual as in dedicated to something which has no one form in the physical world or the soul world, and which by the process of elimination, I think is probably arising in Spirit.  This guidance in the form of response to people, places and things, mostly in the areas of art and theology is the backbone of my personal identity.  Everything I have tried to say in the past four years of fitful blogging relates to the gifts of this personal phenomenon and the effort to stay aligned to it.  (Which I think is the meaning of the word Religion - re linking).  The effort has always been present in my thinking from my earliest memory.

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