Wednesday, July 10, 2013

sudden spike in page views after midnight

I'm up late folding laundry and watching "Secrets of the Jesus Prayer" on WHUT (Howard University Television).  Earlier I checked in on my 'stats' and definitely saw zero views today.  Now however there have been 13.  Possibly because I have so many 'hits' from China and the Ukraine? ?  Interesting.

I have read the Philokalia *    and The Way of A Pilgrim (The Way of a Pilgrim several times).  It's a good read.  My favorite part of this program for television was the speech of a blind monastic guy named Theophile (lover of God).  I will paraphrase for now:  The Jesus prayer links the mind and the heart.  The linking of the mind and the heart is the work of God.  I like this particularly because, in my effort to understand the way my own mind works I have come to realize that for me the progress is always from affect to cognition.  I love/respond first and then I understand.  Sometimes much, much later.

* (I read something I thought was the Philokalia but when I just looked it up on Amazon to create the link it's like 1600 pages and that I did not read.)

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