Saturday, May 26, 2012

looking for lyrics I found this interesting little site  a hummable little tune with an upbeat, consoling message.

some of the writers I'm very familiar with and even fond of, others I don't know or know I don't especially like.

This last link is to text for a poem by Thich Nhat Hanh which I heard years ago and think of frequently.

Tomorrow is Pentecost which seems to be the same as Whitsun.  Many years ago I visited my Dad in Chicago and wanted to go to church with him at the Christian Community there.  I particularly wanted to see the priest, Rosemary.  It turned out she was traveling to Detroit that weekend and I was disappointed.  My Dad offered to drive to Detroit so that I could see Rosemary and attend  Christian Community Service.  I remember Rosemary's sermon.  She described her bus ride from Chicago.  She'd seen trees being pruned of deadwood and she made a connection between that act of agricultural husbandry and the festival of Whitsun.  The life surges back through the plant and the portion that can't receive the life is brittle and easily falls off. The imagery has stayed with me for something like 35 years.  Rosemary was a remarkable priest.  I tried to tell her at some point how much her dignity and visible attention impressed me as a young girl.  I'm not she understood but I tried.  Thanks Rosemary.  Thanks Dad.

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