Sunday, August 22, 2010

Marianne Williamson interview which I found encouraging

(when you click on the the title you will go to Alternatives UK's menu of free podcasts.  Pass person who appears to have gone a little overboard with elective surgery...Scroll way down to Marianne Williamson and then follow directions.  She really is good at making the spiritual truth accessible.  When I talk about the truth as I see it people's eyes glaze over.  She makes you go "Ohhhhhhh! I get it!" )

So yesterday I listened to President Obama's weekly address.  I receive emails from the White House and you can too!  I don't always open the emails but yesterday I did.  His address was focused on corporate influence on elections which is not accompanied by identification of donors.  Businesses can put money into politics already but the new development has to do with the amounts of money and the clandestine nature of the contributions.  Anyway, I posted the link to Facebook and sent a link to a bunch of people.  Probably you were one of them.  I mentioned using the power of the vote to elect leaders who put human rights before corporate rights.  Marianne Williamson uses very similar language towards the end of this lecture.

It irks me no end to hear people such as the array of brilliant minds on the Fox News platform using their power to influence already fearful people into more fear.  You are either in the TEA PARTY or you are a Communist.  If you are concerned with feeding and clothing hungry children you are a Communist.  Well let me go out on a limb here and state that feeding, clothing and educating children is very important to me.  How radical!  I call it Democracy.  It makes me happy.  

Marianne Williamson touches on that idea, care of children as a priority of collective effort, and I find that when I hear other people speak that goal from power I calm down.  I still remember weeping when Liv Ullman spoke from her position as UN Ambassador for Children and asked why the welfare of children always comes last.  Talk about Mama Grizzlies; she was pissed off!  I'll bet that's on YouTube since everything else is.  I don't know why the (totally avoidable) suffering of others should cause me pain.  I don't know why the stifling of other people's minds should cause me to feel anger.  But if I take that energy and use it to help maybe I will feel better.

So, my spiritual path now includes canvassing for the Democratic Party.  I really dread the actual doing of this.  We'll see how it goes.

And I dedicate this next song to Glenn Beck.  It may have been written for him.  The verse is 'F U' just so you know.  But it's still great. link to song I heard while standing outside dressing room in Hollister store while my big little girl tried on jeans. I sought out a sales clerk to ask who is that singing. It's Lily Allen God bless her.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

meditation challenge

OK.  I'm a little chagrined that I haven't written anything since May.  I shall not dwell upon that.  

Moving forward:  Since Deepak Chopra wrote a book about Christ which caught my attention I've been more aware of him (Chopra) and have opted in to his web world.  I like his sense of humor.  Also, I've read some of his responses to heartfelt, occasionally heartbreaking, queries posted to his blog.  His responses make sense.  He sounds like someone who practiced medicine seriously, which he did.  He's got Doctor thinking going on.    The Chopra Center has me on their list for email solicitations to pricey retreats.  Today I received an invitation to a FREE 21 day meditation challenge.  I enrolled.

My calendar already said Meditation on August 12.  I'd been looking at the website for a local Tibetan Meditation center and made note of their weekly open meditation.  It is destined.

you can only start from where you are.