Friday, June 23, 2017

i slowed down my head and examined my thought patterns.

this title is from a rather lengthy

patreon post from Amanda Palmer via Patreon dated June 30.  I still haven't managed to find time to read the long post.  It's funny to me though that my daughter, who introduced me to the artist a couple years ago, saw the same long note and also wished she'd had time to read it all.  That sounds like damning with faint praise because neither one of us has consumed the whole.  I think the fact that we had that conversation about Amanda Palmer's musings from a van is kind of a miracle.

In that note Amanda mentions the demise of blogging.  hahahahahahahaha. not just her blogging but blogging as a thing that had a time which is no more.  how inconvenient for me that blogging is over.  because I haven't given up.  I've just been feeding the wolf.

But the reason I copied and pasted this phrase is that it sums up Transcendentalism.  I love Emerson and give him huge credit for all the emotional and intellectual freedom I've felt charged with over the past 30 or so years.  Thank you Montgomery County, MD for requiring that reading.

I will now be reading Amanda Palmer's post in its entirety.