Thursday, October 16, 2014

Annonyme is alive

ummm.... I do want to do this still.  I'm still interested.  I just work a lot, have teen aged daughter and, although I think all day throughout other activities, by the time I have a half hour or so (which is rare) those thoughts are droopy and not presenting themselves in formation.  My posts are extremely brief because I realized that if I waited till I had time to develop a thought there would be no blog.

It's always on my mind to correct this prioritization disability embedded in circumstance.

  I just checked in and found another one of those bizarre spikes in views.  It's not just a rusty crawler.  I wish I knew what's up with that.  I think there's a really huge class in Israel, (an auditorium class like the Astronomy class I tried to take at the University of Maryland at 19) (what was I thinking?) with fabulously large numbers of students.  I think they are surveying blogs with religious themes, for some reason, and I'm a sample.  That's the only explanation I can come up with for another spike of 1332 views amidst the barren-nobody-looking-plain of negative stats around that number.  The page view spikes are clearly coming from Israel.  What?

If it were daytime I'd run outside and take a picture of the bushes in front of my super humble apartment building.  There was a growth spurt in the past week or so due to warm and rainy weather.  That greening of a clipped shrub coincided with a talk on the development of dendrites in the brain given by the principal of the school I work in.  Together they reminded me of my old speculation that the burning bush is a metaphor for the mind.  Actually, I pretty much think of mountains, roof tops, tops of stairs and ladders and upper rooms as representing the mind.  A friend of mine had a lovely dream she shared regarding the end of the world.  She dreamed every body went up on the roof of her house to watch the end.  The mood was light as if for a picnic.