Your Narthex or Mine?

In my humble opinion, matter is not generative. Only spirit is truly generative. Therefore form is not terribly interesting or compelling of itself. I like the term oikumene because it seems to head towards the search for what is true and living in the houses of worship of the world. I am compulsive in my dedication to knowledge of my creator. I am very broad in my willingness to taste (and possibly see) from any source where goodwill is evident.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

well done context ads!

I haven't posted anything in such a long time.  Heavy sigh!

tonight I checked in on the stats then clicked on some recently viewed post and there in the 'Amazon Contextual Product Ads' were two book titles which I love together.  It was Toward the One and A Man Called Intrepid.  Both feature the same image of Madeleine / Noor Inayat Khan a spy who was instrumental in breaking the Enigma code.  I hope I said that right.  Enigma was a machine and a code. I think.

The Imitation Game, goes in to the same territory.

Now the Contextual Ads are showing Toward The One and Get Smart. funny.