Saturday, September 21, 2013

kids today!

I came home from running errands to find my daughter watching this.  It's pretty great.

The Leadership of Pope Francis

The Leadership of Pope Francis  (Link to Interview text)

I haven't had the opportunity to read this yet.  I've been working lots and lots of hours which is also part of why I haven't posted too much lately.  But I am overjoyed that a Catholic Pope has the attention of the world and that he is choosing to say that judgement is not our mission as followers of Christ. Judgement in the hands of 'man' usurps God's role in the lives of individual souls.  There is so much potential for good in any organization which seeks to broadcast the Word.  The word can never be denigrating or pejorative.  A worldview based  on 'the hardness of the world' has already excluded God.  Newsflash, God didn't create 'the hardness of the world'.  There is nothing in the New Testament telling us to adapt to the hardness of the world or else.

There is nothing for me in a Democracy based on Dominion by mid -level management types or shipping and receiving stars.  Exploiting and manipulating the mineral resources of the planet does not make anyone my master.  Somehow that's the message I always hear from the far right.   There is nothing for me in a church which mouths the cant of Ayn Rand.  There is everything for me in a church which assists me in honoring the presence of Christ in my life as well as honoring the freedom and inherent worth of all my brothers.  I excel at Caritas.  I have zero interest in judgement.

I feel excited to hear more from Pope Francis and grateful for what he has already done.

We all know a little about Francis of Assisi.  It's a good time to learn more about Saint Ignatius Loyola.