Your Narthex or Mine?

In my humble opinion, matter is not generative. Only spirit is truly generative. Therefore form is not terribly interesting or compelling of itself. I like the term oikumene because it seems to head towards the search for what is true and living in the houses of worship of the world. I am compulsive in my dedication to knowledge of my creator. I am very broad in my willingness to taste (and possibly see) from any source where goodwill is evident.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

eloquent final statements from the artists of Pussy Riot   <------  LINK

I am moved and inspired by these young women's use of their minds and creative spirit to protest the abuse of the law and of the edifice of the church exclusively to carry out the will of Corporate interests.  Sounds very familiar.  

I just checked iTunes.  Their work can be purchased there.