Wednesday, October 7, 2009


somehow this conveys Chris Rock channeled through Ann Margaret's character in Bye Bye Birdie. wry and girlish.

When I heard the band name I immediately remembered Barbie's like-not-so-bombshell cousin or hanger-on. Midge was to Barbie as ________ was to Skipper. still thinking. (maybe Midge will tell me!!!!!!!) As a little girl you might think to yourself how fabulous it would be to grow up as a Barbie but then acknowledge quietly that Midge was more realistic. Even in plastic, Midge was never going to be a cheerleader. Midge might look a little odd in the emerald green silk dress with the gold lame clutch. I can so picture this. I really really loved the gold lame clutch with the wee gold button clasp. I'm well into memory lane where I had a plastic vanity (from Toys R Us) turned into a Southern Mansion; the legs of the vanity became the columns of the mansion. Maybe Midge just needed a new hairdo.

I can't think of a description for the music but then Fran really has that covered so never mind. I like it!!!!!!!

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