Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In Earnest

Heeyyyyyy! I am still here.  In my life.  Chugging, chugging, chugging along.
I have not gone one day without thinking about writing.  I am two weeks into a time period which had been blocked out for writing a book proposal.  Other obligations pushed that out but now I am returning to the atmospheric continuum with renewed zest.
I just became an Amazon Associate and successfully planted a link to the movie Shakespeare In Love.  Good on me, mate.  
I'm sorry to see Borders going under.  My bookstore loyalty went to them over Barnes and Noble.  I think that has to do with the fact that Borders put in the computer terminals before Barnes and Noble.  I saw that as a courtesy reflecting a lower key sales style.  They relinquished the sales opportunity represented by the moment the shopper is face to face with a salesperson asking for help.  I'd had thoughts that maybe Amazon would buy Borders.  
Anyway, they didn't.  So now I will be planting sales opportunities on my blog for Amazon not Borders.  Blogger has made this pretty easy.  It did take me a while to find the place where the easy part was hiding though.
Another thing I learned today relating to blogging and this blog in particular; I had almost 300 views last month.  That is uplifting.  I can think of some random reasons why that might be so.  I choose to be uplifted nonetheless.
If there happen to be people other than my Dad who are checking in occasionally, thank you.  Hope to be much more productive in the coming weeks.

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