Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Christian Community


The image above is from the 'features' tab at The Christian Community site.

This web page wanders on and on with many interesting links and leads for further study.  I found it a couple of weeks ago after thinking (and posting a little) about Whitsun/Pentecost and Rosemary Bergman who was the priest for the Christian Community in Chicago when I went there with my father in about 1972 or 73.  In the search that came up with this page I was hoping there would be a picture of the painting over the alter at the Christian Community in Chicago currently.  It's really three paintings making up one piece.  A modern triptych.  That truly glorious work isn't shown here, alas, but there are some photos of other questing art.

This particular article I will come back to again.  It's a page-turner.

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