Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ecumenical Room

Did you know that some airports have Ecumenical Rooms?  I learned this from one of Anthony Bourdain's travel shows; I think it was the Layover oriented program and I think he was laying over in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

I love Anthony Bourdain.  When I first started this blog I talked a little about Craig Ferguson and Russel Brand.  I'd noticed a somewhat mysterious similarity in the appeal they have as people who've written readable memoirs which include horrible choices, embarrassing low points, alcohol, drugs and general debauchery.  They also share an enduring longing for the good, the true and the beautiful, or so it seemed to me.  Anthony Bourdain shares some profile elements.  He is clear that he eschews nothing based on appearances alone. He judges not and accepts not judgement.  Kind of like Ferguson and Brand?  They question.  They are endlessly curious.  They want to find stuff to be enthusiastic about but don't become downcast or resentful if it doesn't work out that way.

I listened to Ted Radio Hour  this morning while I waited for a technician to come to my home to fix my wi-fi, which was suffering 'signal leakage'.  The topic was success.   During the Tony Robbins portion on 'drive', I was thinking that my drive has always been to establish and maintain a connection with, for lack of a better term, God.  Success is guaranteed since God also wants this.  (Sometimes I haven't been so clear on that last detail.)  In the next portion Angela Duckworth explored the role of grit in attaining success.  I thought how little that term applies to me.  But when I think about it in relation to these three guys, I realize there's something else that's inside of what she's identifying as 'grit'.  It's sheer buoyancy and resilience.  That I can identify with.

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